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This WebSDR is operated by the Southampton University Wireless Society in collaboration with Martin G8JNJ and Noel G8GTZ.

The site is currently running off intermittent generator power due to works on the grid supply. This may cause some interruptions in service!

21st July: Thanks to Pieter-Tjerk, we now have HTML5 capability! Please report any issues in the chat.
22nd June: 3cm, 23cm and 70cm dongles are now fitted with TCXOs. This should greatly increase frequency accuracy and stability on these bands.
20th June: SUWS WebSDR mentioned on ARRL News as one of the first receivers to pick up signals from the newly launched cubesats.
30th March: Filtered Pre-amp added for 2m, has raised the noise floor but dramatically improved weak signal reception There are currently ? Users on this WebSDR.

The software used for this WebSDR is kindly provided by the WebSDR Project.

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